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Which Version Of The Bible Is The Best?


Text Box: How Do I Know Which Version To Buy?

Folks have said, "KJV Only."

There are those who believe that the King James Version (KJV) is the only Authorized Version of the bible. The KJV was written for King James in 1611. It was taken from the most reliable manuscripts available at the time. The Old English has been difficult for me to understand. Since 1611, the English language has continued to change and a more conversational Old English has been adopted for the KJV. And relatively recently, the New King James Version (NKJV) has incorporated contemporary English. There are many folks who think that the KJV is the only valid version of the bible.

The New American Standard Bible (NASB) and New International Version (NIV) were copied from the Dead Sea scrolls. These scrolls were discovered in 1948 in a cave near the Dead Sea. By many, they are considered more accurate because they are more complete and are from a time earlier than the authorized manuscripts. Controversy over which is the better bible version still exists until this very day. I read the NIV because it is easy reading for me.






When I study, I use a Parallel Bible that has the KJV, Amplified, NASB and NIV versions all available at once for any given verse when the book is opened. When the book is opened, there are four columns across. Two on the left hand page and two on the right hand page. Each column has one of these versions and they are


synchronized so that any given verse of the bible can be read in all four versions simply by reading across all four columns.

For Catholics...

For Catholics, the douay-rheims version has been available for many years. It does not predate the source for the KJV or NIV bibles though. The douay-rheims version apparently had many errors. A newer catholic translation, the New American Bible (NAB) is a more accurate translation and has the necessary, "Imprimatur" and "Nehil Obstat" for catholic reading.

Catholic bibles have 73 books. Protestant bibles, KJV, NASB, NIV, etc. have 66 books. All 66 books of the protestant bibles are included in the catholic bibles. The additional 7 books in the Catholic bibles are referred to as the apocrypha. Early church leaders determined that the 66 books were inclusive of God's message to us. This was accepted as Divine Inspiration by the committee of 70 church leaders.

The Living Bible is paraphrased. I have not found it to be accurate enough for my satisfaction, although I know of a well respected radio bible teacher who uses it.

These versions will work

These are the choices. All are permissible. The KJV, NASB, NIV, and NAB are most acceptable.

As a new teenage driver, my dad would remind me that the most important nut on the car is the one behind the wheel. Regarding bible choices, a greater concern is perhaps not so much which translation as is does one even read their bible at all.    □

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