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Is Pro Choice Right?
An Open Letter to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin


                                                                                               July 20, 2005

Honorable Senator Dick Durbin,

The news coverage aired your comments regarding President Bush’s Supreme Court Nominee. During that segment, you made reference to the significance of Roe vs. Wade as preserving our personal freedom in this country.

As you are well aware, we live in the land of the free and we have fought and died hard in our nation’s short history to preserve our freedoms. I stand shoulder to shoulder with you in fighting hard to preserve our freedoms. Might I remind you however that our freedoms are NOT absolute. I know that you are fully aware for example that we do not have the freedom to kill another human being. I also know that you are fully aware that we do not have the freedom to enslave our fellow man. Consider how difficult it was for our country to come to this "Right" decision. Indeed, our freedom is NOT, nor should it be an absolute freedom.

Regarding the freedom to our right to choose, I agree and love our freedom of choice we enjoy in this country. Again, many have lost their lives to ensure these freedoms and we must preserve them at all costs. Might I suggest however that our freedom to choose to kill an unborn human being exceeds the right we have to freedom. The freedom that we fight so hard to maintain should no more include the right to kill another human being be he or she born or unborn. I realize that this "controversy" has been going on since I was a child in the 1950's. In my youth, I myself was for abortion as being a very private decision to be made by the mother. Here I stand today, years later, wiser, having the opposite opinion. I am against government regulation entering into my personal freedoms. But this freedom crosses that line into the "Absolute Freedom" realm that is morally wrong. It took a long time and many lives before the majority in our country came to believe that we were NOT free to own slaves.

In my opinion, those who support freedom of choice when it includes a wrong choice have their moral barometer askew. You are a Christian man Senator Durbin, and I ask you, "What would our Lord tell you is a right moral choice?" Might you prayerfully consider this issue constantly. I suspect that our Lord would command you to make a "Right" choice. Even without our Lord, searching deep within our own heart, putting all politics and pride aside, aborting a fetus cannot be justified except in a life or death effect upon the mother. This is a moral judgement that we do not have the freedom to make any more than we have the freedom to choose to kill a post birth human being.

I appeal to you Senator Durbin to put politics and pride aside and prayerfully consider the morality of abortion and then to make a "Right" choice. If you have a good relationship with our Lord, you will easily be able to answer the question as to whether we are here to serve man or to serve our Lord. You are in a public office which serves man. Are we Christians not to also serve God first?

This is a public issue and you are a public servant. I will be posting this letter on my internet site at: http://fwoggie.com/ministry/isprochoiceright.htm

This is just my opinion. I vote my opinion.


Raymond Snarski


visitor's since July 20, 2005

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