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Is Man Basically Good

 or Basically Bad?


Greek Philosophers are NOT smarter than God

A few years ago, I went camping with a bunch of folks. In the evening, they would all gather around the campfire and discuss the issue of whether man was basically good or basically bad. This was a recurring theme from year to year. These guys would bring their "philosophy" books and start quoting from their favorite philosophers. Now you know where I am going with this. I would sit back and listen to all the malarkey (the alcohol bottles emptied as the evening passed) knowing confidently in my mind the answer to the question that they were grappling with. I knew that God declared man as basically bad. I also knew that no amount of Greek Philosophers was going to be smarter than God. So I sat and listened and just chuckled in my sobriety. For who can argue with an absolute truth from God?

No one is as good as God

God tells us that there is no one who is righteous, that all fall short of His glory. God goes on to tell us how our righteousness is like filthy rags to Him. For the bible tells us so.






It only makes sense to me that we would fall short of being perfect (far short). As much as we would like to think that we have a good nature and are basically good, God, in His infinite wisdom and perfection tells us the Truth about ourselves. He also presents His side of the argument and of course wins.

We are all sinners

We are depraved in our ways. Oh sure, sometimes we do a seemingly good thing. But our innermost being is depraved. We are all sinners. By Gods perfect standards, if we were to live to be 100 years old and never sinned (which is in itself impossible) having just one impure thought would make us depraved in God’s eyes. No perfect man ever lived, save Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  □

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