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Does God Exist?



How Can You Prove It?

Does God really exist? Well, this is the major question and everyone has their own opinion about this. According to most folks today, the existence of God is a fairytale, a myth, an old wives tale, much like Santa Claus. According to the bible, early man knew that God existed because He interacted with them. Well, here we are thousands of years later and there is no God interacting or even speaking to us. Why should we believe what men wrote from thousands of years ago?

God did not just approach anybody back then. He looked for a man who was believing in Him. God found favor with Noah. Now Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time. And he walked with God.

What pleases God is for us to believe in Him. God wants us to approach Him via faith. This is what gives Him good pleasure. If God our creator were to force us to believe in Him, what pleasure would God derive from us following Him? Would you have pleasure if you could make a spouse love you? At first perhaps, but not for long. Is God capable of forcing us to believe in Him? Certainly. Does He do so? No. For what pleasure would He derive from having followers who follow Him mechanically, robotically? None. God does call us, but it is up to us to answer. Could God prove to us that He exists? Of course He could and in fact He has. Does He do it blatantly? Not today. So where is the proof you ask? In the Book of Romans, Chapter One He tells us by two ways do we know Him (Oh, a book written by many men you mean? Well, another topic for another time). One is outwardly, in the creation that lies all around us. To look at the skies, the planets, stars, oceans, mountains, forests, teeming with life, we know. Also inwardly, deep within each and every one of us there is the knowledge that God exists. This is what He tells us.

So it is a simple matter to denounce His existence because many see no obvious proof of His existence. Yet others, accept His existence on the internal subtleties and the external blatancies that exist. Only your inner eyes can convince your heart of His existence. Gathering information from your external eyes and incorporating them into your innermost self can connect the dots for you.

When all is said and done, you will have no definitive physical proof that would convince the doubting Thomasís of the world. You will have the proof that you need to know beyond any doubt that God does in fact exist and that He is in fact real.























For What Belief is Necessary When a Proof is Given?

This is the only way our Lord would have it. This is what gives Him His good pleasure from having created us. For us to come to Him on faith without physical proof is the highest form of acceptance as only He deserves. Anyone from Missouri can be given "proof," but then anyone can believe if they have incontravertible proof. So where then would Godís pleasure be? There is no glory in that. I have learned much about God by listening to Him through His Word, namely the Bible, and seeing things from His point of view. It is when we insist that things be from our point of view that a gap is created between the Almighty God and man. Our Lord tells us that manís wisdom is but foolishness in His eyes. We could have assembled today the best Greek Philosophers from all of History and it would be the question of a 12 year old child that would confound them all. This is the Lordís way.   





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