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Oh My God! Oh My God!



Text Box: " Let us consider just who your 'god' is."

We MUST chose sides - satan or God

Consider a spritual warfare going on as we speak having begun before the beginning of time. The age old battle between Lucifer and God. Lucifer, knowing he is doomed to an eternity in the Lake of Fire wants to drag down with him everyone he can. Have you ever thought about the disrespect satan has propogated here on earth for those who followed Christ? Not just false teachings, but outright disrespect in such forms as making common use of their names for filthy objects. John was the youngest of the apostles, the "beloved one." Today when we refer to the bathroom, we often call it the, "John," or as Jesus is the Head of the church as the "Head." Peter is the head of the twelve apostles. He is revered as thier leader and commonly thought of as the first Pope in the Catholic Church. Today, the term Peter refers to a male's penis. Todays most common derogotory slang expressions include the name of our God in one form or another.

"For Christ's sake" has a different meaning in todays colloqial language than it has in 2 Corinthians 12:10 NIV of the bible. Even the mere name of our God most high, "Jesus Christ" is used in slang as a derogotory emphatic expression. In a movie I saw recently (Mannequin), a dog passed gas and the dogs owner smirkingly responded, "Jesus Christ!"

I wish I had one penny for each time I hear someone say, "Oh my god!" I would indeed be a wealthy person today. Or at least there would be fewer starving people in the world. Surely, no one who approaches knowing the one and only living God could use His Holy Name in such an irreverent fleeting manner. No truly thinking, feeling person who really loves the Lord could blaspheme His Holy Name like that.


For if the Holiness of God could even begin to impress you, you surely would never, ever use His Holy Name in such an irreverent manner. Our God is a being unlike any we have ever seen. He is beyond the ability of our simple mind to comprehend. God on his worst day is far better than man on his best day. His ways are not our ways. His ways are far above our ways as far as the heavens are above the earth. His holiness is far greater than we can imagine.

God puts us here and gives us all creation. He then tells us of His plans. Thru Him we know the past and the future. His words are true and shall not be changed.

Should we not seek the true and living God? He promises that if we seek we shall find Him. A Promise!

Shall we forsake the ways of this world, the ways of satan? In these little ways, we bring Jesus closer to our hearts, closer into our lives and place Him in the forefront of our minds. By being a Christian example to others, we Glorify Him.

The moment we accept Jesus into our hearts and believe in Him and what He did for us, His Holy Spirit comes to live within our body. From that moment on our lives are changed. If we were sincere about our belief, we are instantly born again in the Holy Spirit from above.

What a cheerful thought to simply correct a foul speech pattern, to please and be more cognizant of our Lord, Jesus the Christ!   


Note: This page ranked #7 of over  2,070,000 in a Google Search (upper 1/3000 of 1%). This is not a testament to it's truthfulness but rather to it's popularity among man. 


Revised: September 2nd, 2007.





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